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Doing Business in the City of Maple Valley

Community Development Department

The City of Maple Valley requires a Business License effective in 2013.  The City business license will be issued through the State of Washington.

The City requires a Special Licenses for certain other activities such as amusement places, public dance places, secondhand dealer or pawn brokers, outdoor music, or special uses.  A Peddlers License is required to sell or offer to sell goods in the City.  Follow this link for updated information.

Determining the location code and sales tax rates:
The Location/Rate Code for the City of Maple Valley is 1720

Know the Sign Code!
Permits are needed for all sign types: building-mounted signs, freestanding signs, and temporary signs.  Prohibited Signs include banners, flags, inflatable, and signs in the right-of-way.  Click here for a quick guide to the sign code and then contact The City's Community Development Department for permitting. 

Note: developers may have more specific sign requirements within their particular area - check your lease before processing a sign permit.

Doing Business in the City of Black Diamond

Community Development Department

The City of Black Diamond does require a business license for all businesses located within the city limits and for all businesses conducting business within the city limits.

Determining the location code and sales tax rates:
The Location Rate Code for the City of Black Diamond is 1705


The City of Maple Valley and the surrounding communities are served by Maple Valley Fire and Life Safety

The City of Black Diamond is served by Mountain View Fire & Rescue

Doing Business in King County

Doing Business in Washington State

Emergency Preparedness

Planning is not expensive but it does take some time and effort. Here are some absolutely free resources: 

Business Counseling and Advice

The Chamber of Commerce offers a unique opportunity to business owners and entrepenuers to get feedback on a business plan, another 'great idea,' or simply problem solving.  The process is simple - express to us your need and we will coordinate and host a selective group of successful and enterprising local business people to be your sounding board.  It might just provide the helpful insight you need to get you on the road to success.  Call Erica for more information: 425.432.0222.

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