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Gardens By Design, Inc.

Gardens By Design, Inc.
By Appointment Only
Maple Valley, WA 98038

Phone: 847.774.0759

About Gardens By Design, Inc.

I have always had a love of plants. I followed this passion by earning degrees in botany and horticulture with an emphasis on garden design. Opening my own gardening business seemed like a perfect extension of this love and passion.

I have worked as a professional gardener since 2011 and became a business entity, in 2013. I can design, create, restore, maintain, or enhance any garden or planting bed. I have the skill to assess plant health, and to diagnose and treat botanical ailments so your garden remains vibrant. I understand your bedding area’s soil composition and watering needs. I possess a specialization in proper plant selection and I can assist you in choosing plantings that will last for years and not succumb to the effects of the environment after only one season.

I create container designs for both indoor and outdoor placement that can be customized to the season, holiday, or special event at hand. I can design and install your decorative hardscape. I have an expansive knowledge of general horticulture and of those plants indigenous to the Pacific Northwest.

I provide on-site or remote consultations, and if you are ready to get your hands dirty but don't know where to start, I can empower you through “Garden Coaching”. I am assisted in my business by my husband and supported, unconditionally, by our three young sons.



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Erin La Montagne
Erin La Montagne

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See me at Maple Valley Farmer's Market

Stop by and see me at the Maple Valley Farmer's Market.  I will be there all summer.

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