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A Dash of Adorable

A Dash of Adorable
PO Box 330
Black Diamond, WA 98010
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Phone: 801.209.0451

About A Dash of Adorable

Avoid the stress of DIY and have A Dash of Adorable custom create everything you need to make your party perfect.

Birthday, bridal, corporate, charity, and special events, we design from your vision and hand craft every piece. Small items like custom invitations, favors and décor are shipped to your door. We come onsite to set up 3-D theme sets, photo backdrops, and even offer hosting so you can sit back and relax.

Click HERE to schedule a free 30-minute consultation call today to plan your event. As the great Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it."

Below are a few examples of recent designs, but to explore our complete PARTYFOLIO of past events click HERE.


Meet the Team

Linda Larsen
Linda Larsen
Owner, Event Stylist


Review by |

Rebekah Johnson | Maple Valley, WA

I had the privilege of attending a party put on by A Dash of Adorable, and frankly, I am pretty sure there are not any words to accurately describe the magic, beauty and fun that was experienced! From the moment my young daughter and I walked in, we were amazed at every turn! Not only was she lost in the splendor, but as a past Nordstrom employee and manager/ buyer for a high end athletic club, I was completely blown away at every adorable detail! My daughter didn't want to leave as the party ended because the environment was incomparable to any she, nor I, had ever experienced at a child's party. The time, passion, love and professionalism that was poured into the event was very apparent. It was top notch! Anyone looking for an unforgettable event will not be disappointed with this fantastic business!


Review by |

Tracy Mallery | Maple Valley, WA


Growing up Mary Poppins was one of my favorite characters, little did I know I would get the chance to meet a real life Mary Poppins. Linda is my Mary Poppins, she can make things happen that you would think only magic could do. We first attended a Halloween party that she did. No detail forgotten, from the moment you stepped foot out of your car to every step my child took in the house she had something unbelievable to entertain him. She put together crafts for kids to make their own picture frames and then had an amazing spooky backdrop for the pictures that the kids instantly got printed out. Two years later my son still has his hanging on our fridge. There were numerous other activities and unbelievable decorations. My kids still talk about the magic pen writing in the book with nobody holding onto it. The whole thing made me feel like a kid again!
In addition to being able to throw parties that no kid would want to miss, she can make baked goods that taste like they just fell from heaven. Of course not only do they taste unbelievable, she is so creative in decorating them. Her Christmas cupcakes had ornaments and frosted trees on top. They were almost too pretty to eat, but after one bite I almost wanted to hide all the rest for myself!

Linda is not only a gifted creative party planner she happens to be one of nicest people I know. You can see the joy it brings her to see other people enjoy her creations, which just adds to the magic of her parties. You would not be disappointed with anything you had Linda do for you!

Review by |

Melissa Kirk | Salt Lake City, UT

Linda planned my bridal shower and my wedding! She is beyond amazing and knows how to plan the most perfect events! At my shower she created the most darling decorations, coordinated all the plate ware, and made the very best party favors for everyone in attendance. This included adorable hand made boxes and magnets. To this day many people still have the magnet on their fridge and my little nieces and nephews (who I don't get to see often since living out of town) still comment on remembering the special day. For the wedding she did everything! She designed the announcements, and made all decorations including a hand painted welcome sign, special moments sign, and many other custom banners and decorations. She made a darling signing book and center pieces exactly as I imagined. In addition there was a kids table with activities for the little ones which kept them entertained the entire reception! Hand made twirl wands were also made and the most delicious candy table! It is true that she makes every event memorable, fun, special, and extremely magical! She is such a fantastic party planner, coordinator, and maker! Very responsible, responsive, and provides great prices! She truly plans parties from the pure happiness it brings her! I can't wait for her to plan more of my parties! My husband added that she is a joy to work with and offers quality all around!

Review by |

Kristy Sauter | Taylorsville, UT

In the 5 years I worked with Linda, I saw her do some pretty incredible things with corporate meetings, trainings, and other events. In her previous life, she was a savvy business director, and as my manager, I was able to watch and see her creativity come out in her work every day. As a former top performer at the company (and previous businesses) herself, she has been on both sides of the table, and knows exactly what to do to dazzle and capture the audience with her work. All she needs is an idea... your vision for the event, and she will take it from there. I don't know how she does it, but Linda always seems to think of everything, down to the smallest detail. In the years I spent working with her, I always knew that the events we were putting on for customers would be a huge success because Linda was the creative brain behind them. It was never a worry I had because she had everything covered by the time the rest of us came around to asking what we could do to help.

I definitely recommend Linda when planning any kind of event, from birthday parties to large company events. She is just that good at what she does!


Review by |

Summer Gardner | Maple Valley, WA  

Linda helped plan and set up the most amazing Holiday work party for me and in just two days! Her creativity and dedication to transforming a boring conference room into a Winter Wonderland in such a short time amazed me. All of my co-workers were blown away by this years holiday party and everyone had such a great time. We had a photo booth with props, centerpieces for all the tables and adorable signs pointing people in the right direction. It was truly a party that no one will ever forget!

I have also had the pleasure of attending a few of her other parties and her attention to detail can transform any space. My son's birthday is in a few months and I can't wait to see how she turns our house into a magical, unforgettable experience for my son and all of his friends! Thank you so much Linda!


Review by |

Krista Hyllested | Jackson, WY

To know this Fantastic girl is a dream come true! She makes all your Fantasies and wishes come true! Just like a real live Fairy Godmother! If you can dream it up I'm sure Linda can make it a reality! We cannot get enough of her parties, that is why we keep coming back for more but it is Never enough! You know the saying "time flies when you are having fun"? Well, we can't seem to ever get enough time when we get to spend it with Linda! Her decorating skills are Always superb-right down to every bow tied just perfectly and every cupcake frosted to perfection. You won't believe the Love and care she puts into Every project she creates! Even when I share my ideas with her or show her a picture she can create it Even better than the picture! Everyone will be entertained in your party, from the wee little ones up to the adults! I just cannot say enough about this Amazing ladies talent on crafts as well as her out of this world cooking skills! You will be honored to have her entertain for you! I just can't say enough about her. She will never disappoint!


Review by |

Leslie Carratturo | Maple Valley, WA

Every Halloween, the one thing my kids look forward to (other than dressing up and getting candy!) is the Larsen’s halloween party! From the handcrafted decorations and goodie bags to the amazing spread of food including mummy hot dogs and string cheese/pretzel “witch’s brooms”, to name a few, there isn’t a detail that Linda hasn’t thought of. As the mom of 2 young boys, she knows that one of the keys to a successful party is to keep the kids engaged. She creates different activity tables where they can create crafts like magnets and picture frames or they can decorate cookies or dip marshmallows. Whether it’s a Halloween party or a Pirate party (or anything else you can think of), Linda’s personal touches and attention to detail truly bring the party to life and create an event you and your guests will be sure to remember!


Review by |

Debbie Rickard | Lehi, UT

Linda was a pleasure to work with! Her ideas and vision were awesome. I was at a bit of a loss on what to do and she came up with the best ideas! I only wish she lived close so she could have created bigger decorations!!


Review by |

Jennifer Bueno | Maple Valley, WA

My kids and I attended a Halloween party thrown by Linda and I can't say enough about how fun and amazing it was. The decor was just the right mix of scary and fun for the kids and the activities she had planned kept them entertained for the entire party. Even the food was Halloween themed! If you are like me and need some assistance with coming up with or putting together a fantastic party then Linda and a Dash of Adorable are just what you need.


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