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Sep 22

Erica Dial

Share What You Do With Tahoma Students

Posted by Erica Dial

Over the years, the Greater Maple Valley Black Diamond Chamber has helped recruit speakers for Tahoma's Future Ready Day program held in October. Read the following info from Tahoma Future Ready Day organizers. 

We are contacting you to find out if you would be interested in presenting for Tahoma’s Fall Future Ready Day on October 27, 2017. We are organizing career and future ready presentations for each of our two middle schools (grades 6-8). Presenters will conduct 25 minute presentations for groups of 25-30 students from 9:00-11:30 am. You would repeat your presentation four times for different groups. Teachers will be in every room to provide assistance. The attachment shows the schedule and has more details about preparing presentations for middle school students, as well as the Future Ready skills which you may want to emphasize in your presentation. If you have presented during Tahoma Junior High School’s Future Ready day in the past, this would be very similar.  

If you would like to participate, please respond to this email. Also, please indicate if you would prefer to present to a particular middle school (Maple View Middle School or Summit Trail Middle School).

Fall Future Ready Day: All students grades 6-8 will participate in Future Ready lessons and presentations to help them learn more about careers and planning for the future. They will attend an assembly with a keynote speaker and have the opportunity to listen to a variety of career speakers, including learning about a typical day for different careers, identifying skills needed to be successful and where and how to find more information about each career. They will also work with their classroom teachers to complete a Future Ready passport and reflect on what they have learned and can do now to best position themselves for the future.

We realize your time is precious and you don’t get paid for the time you spend with us, but any time you can spare to work with our students is greatly valued. We would also appreciate referrals to others in your line of work who might be interested in coming to the middle schools.

Thank you for your time and support. You are instrumental in helping our students plan for their futures and reach our district goal of becoming future ready.


Loretta Baker

Summit Trail Middle School, Teacher-Librarian


Molly Galassi

Maple View Middle School, Teacher-Librarian

425-413-3290 X 9531